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Meet the Coaches

Colleen Maher-Minor

Colleen comes to Pulse Volleyball with 40 plus years of volleyball coaching experience total. She has 30 years at the varsity volleyball level including 5 years at Morenci, 5 years at Carlson, and 20 years at Wyandotte. 

When asked what she loves about coaching, Colleen says she "loves to teach and see athletes achieve success with their skills. Remembering to master a skill is a process and is different for everyone. Watching a team learn, bond together, and have FUN, is the most gratifying experience!!"

Being an athlete herself, Colleen always saw coaching as an extension of her love for sports. "Coaching is much harder than playing the game - but I love a challenge!!"

When Colleen is not coaching, she loves to spend time with her husband and family. She also loves to travel, golf, read, stay active (walks every day), and of course, a spectator of many sports!

We are excited to have Colleen back on board this upcoming 2024 club season! She will be co coaching the 16u Select Blue team.

Amanda Sammons

Amanda Sammons started her volleyball career at Wyandotte Roosevelt High School and went on to play at University of Pikeville where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management.

Amanda started her coaching career at Wyandotte where she was the freshman coach for two years and the assistant varsity coach for two years (along side Colleen Maher-Minor). In 2009, Amanda took over the Grosse Ile program and has helped that program become one of the established premiere programs of downriver through 2021. Amanda has eleven years of coaching experience at the club level with one AAU 18u Club level state title during that time. Amanda wears many hats for Pulse Volleyball including club season coach and coaching clinics.

Throughout all of this, Amanda is a full time working mom with two kids of her own at home. She is a US Customs Licensed Broker for a busy and successful company. Her work ethic and drive to excel will be a great asset for Pulse athletes to model themselves after. Amanda will be coaching the 2024 13u Select Blue team and the 2024 17u Select Blue team.

Al Edwards

Pulse Volleyball is excited to have Al Edwards on staff this 2024 club season! Al brings in an increased level of experience and passion for the game. He is currently the head volleyball coach at Wyandotte Roosevelt High School (2014-current). In 2015 he helped lead Roosevelt to a league and district title.

Al has an impressive resume that spans both college and high school teams. He was the head coach at Lincoln Park for 20 years (1988-2007), assistant coach at University of Michigan-Dearborn (most recently 1990-2013) and at Madonna University (1995-1996). Al is also a coach/director for the Victors Volleyball program. Most recently Al was nominated for MIVCA Hall of Fame.

Al is a technician of the game. He is able to break down skills to help athletes develop a stronger foundation of volleyball. He is a valued addition to our coaching staff and we are very excited to have him on board! Al will be co coaching the 16u Select Orange team this 2024 club season.

Megan Fronczak

We are really excited to announce Megan as a part of our Pulse coaching staff!! Megan's impressive coaching resume includes:

  • Victors VBC for over 10 years
  • Freshman volleyball coach at Wyandotte from 2006 - 2007
  • Coached varsity at Lincoln Park form 2011-2014
  • Coached varsity at Wyandotte from 2014 to present

Megan loves coaching "because I love to see when a new skill 'clicks' for someone. It makes me happy to see someone make progress, big or small." Megan wanted to start coaching because she had great coaches growing up and she knows the impact it made on her life as a volleyball player and personally

When Megan is not coaching she loves spending time with her husband and 2 boys.

Welcome to Pulse Volleyball Club Megan! We are excited to have you on board! Megan will be coaching our 14u regional select team  this 2024 club season.

Kerstin Marklein

Kerstin has been coaching in Wyandotte since she graduated from Roosevelt High School 17 years ago. She has coached all levels (middle and high school) and is currently the varsity assistant coach. She recently finished up her first season coaching for Pulse VBC this past spring!

Why does Kerstin coach? "I love giving back to the community and program that gave me so much. I love to share my love for the game and be a positive role model for young girls I interact with." While playing volleyball Kerstin said she was surrounded by strong coaches who impacted her life. She wanted to do the same for the next generation of athletes. 

When she is not coaching, Kerstin is hanging with her family, traveling, golfing, and watching her nephews play sports. Kerstin will be coaching for our 16u program this 2024 club season. 

Ava Mangiapane

"What I love the most about coaching is teaching girls about volleyball, sportsmanship, and working together as a team. I try to teach all the girls that playing a sport is supposed to be fun and a positive experience. I started coaching because I wanted to share my love and passion for the sport. When I am coaching, I don't think my girls realize the impact they have on me. I continue to learn through them as well and grow even stronger as a coach! I really appreciate the positive vibes and energy that Pulse Volleyball Club encourages!!"

When she is not coaching, Ava likes to spend time with her family, and friends. She also enjoys spending quiet time reading. Ava enjoys going on adventures/travel no matter how big or small.

Ava will be co-coaching our 16u Select Orange team this 2024 club season! We love having you with us Coach Ava and we know the girls love to have you as a coach!

Amanda Ynclan

We are excited to welcome back Amanda Ynclan to the Pulse Volleyball Club coaching staff! Amanda started coaching her senior year of high school. She was always inspired by coaches she worked with. "The excitement my coaches brought is the same energy I wished to bring to the court." When asked why does she coach Amanda said, "I love watching players develop not only their individual skills but their court awareness. Nothing is more rewarding as a player or coach than the moment everything clicks." When Amanda is not coaching, she is teaching, hiking, and spending as much time outside as she can. Amanda will be co-coaching our 16u Select Blue team this 2024 club season. 

Mackenzie Kaiser

Mackenzie always knew she wanted to stay in the game after she tore her ACL her senior year. Sitting on the bench watching plays develop and helping her teammates with what she was seeing on the court developed her real passion for coaching. Then, after her first season of coaching, she knew immediately that it was what she wanted to do. "I love being in the gym and being around the girls and watching them become better volleyball players and better humans."

Mackenzie is the the current head coach at Flat Rock High School. She is in her third season coaching with Pulse Volleyball Club where she has been coaching the 17u Select team. Now she is taking on a new challenge with Coach Amanda Sammons and co-coaching the 13u Select and 17u Select for the 2024 club season. 

Olivia McKinney

Olivia started coaching because she "loved the game and wanted to help others learn to love it as much as" she does.  She is currently the Varsity head coach at Lincoln Park High School. She has also coached at the freshman level as well. She is excited to be a part of the Pulse coaching staff. Olivia believes this opportunity will allow her a chance to help more athletes learn the game of volleyball that she would normally never get an opportunity to work with. She's excited to share the love she has for the game with the 2024 club athletes coming to Pulse!

Olivia will be coaching a 17u regional team this winter. Welcome back to Pulse Olivia!

Kylie Laginess

Kylie began playing volleyball here at Pulse after being cut from the seventh grade team at Allen Park. The Pulse clinics over the summer gave her the skills she needed to make the eighth grade team that fall. Kylie continued playing volleyball throughout high school and at Pulse her freshman and sophomore years. She graduated from Allen Park High School in 2021 after playing three years of varsity as a setter.

When asked why she wants to coach, Kylie stated, "I am looking forward to helping young girls find confidence within themselves, as that was my biggest struggle throughout my volleyball journey." Kylie wants to show athletes that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to, volleyball related or not. Her favorite thing about coaching is seeing the moment that hard work does pay off, when an athlete or team succeeds in their goals.

In her free time, Kylie loves to spend time outdoors, play with and walk her dog, paint or draw, and spend time with family and friends!

Kylie will be coaching our 12u Blue team this 2024 club season!

Abby Dawson

Abby is currently the Head Varsity Volleyball Coach for Riverview High School. Overall she has 8 years of volleyball coaching experience. She started coaching for Allen Park in 2014 as the Freshmen Assistant Coach and took over their 7th and 8th grade teams from 2015-2019. Abby also coached the freshman team for Dearborn Public Schools from 2020-2021.

Abby loves coaching because of the relationship you make with the athletes and being able to share knowledge and passion for the game. "Many of the coaches I’ve had in my lifetime have made such a powerful and positive impact that I always wanted to be able to fill those shoes. I try to improve my practice and coaching to keep the athletes interested and loving the sport. The game itself is great but watching the athletes improve and the small victories, even during a loss, make it that much better."

Abby also enjoys coaching swimming and track and field. When she does have down time, she enjoys working out and spending time with my friends, family, and especially her dog Winston. Abby also enjoys traveling and attending concerts!

Abby will be coaching the 16u Orange team during the winter 2024 club season.

Lindsay Ostachnowicz

Lindsay has been playing volleyball since she was in the 7th grade. "Whether it was school, AAU, sand, recreational, or just in someone's backyard I am always trying to play. Summer is my favorite time of the year to get in extra practice and I try to play every chance I get." Lindsay started coaching because "I love the game of volleyball, and I wanted to be able to share that love and encourage youths to love and enjoy the game as well." She coached our 13u teams during the 2023 season and was very successful with her teams!

When she is not playing or coaching volleyball, Lindsay loves to do anything that gets her outside, even if it is just taking her dog for a walk. "I have been trying to take up golf, although not doing that well!"

Lindsay will be coaching the 14u Blue teams this 2024 season!

Kaley Schock

When asked why she loves to coach Kaley said, "I love seeing the improvement of kids and sharing the love of the game. Watching the team bond, having fun and learning is an awesome thing to see and be a part of." Kaley started coaching because she has had a lot of role models growing up that shared their love and support for the game that makes her want to share her love for it with younger volleyball players. She believes coaching is a rewarding feeling and makes you appreciate a lot seeing the team bonding and being successful. "When you have a plan in your head and see it develop, it’s an awesome feeling for the coaches but more importantly the team and I love being a part of that!"

When Kaley is not coaching, she is usually hanging out with her friends and family, playing volleyball or watching sports. She loves to travel and go to concerts as well!

Kaley will be coaching in our 14s programs during the 2024 club season!

Megan Gouth

Megan played four year years of collegiate volleyball at University of Michigan Dearborn. She started coaching in 2012 and has worked with ages from 10u through 16u.

"What I absolutely love about coaching is the growth. I love helping guide young athletes with skills that can help them on and off the court. Teaching new techniques and witnessing the moment everything 'clicks' and then watching the excitement and confidence it brings is such a rewarding experience!"

"Full transparency, after taking a break from the sport and coaching to rest from burnout, I was able to fall back in love with the sport. I started playing in an adult league and the thought of getting back to coaching has crossed my mind multiple times. Getting back to the community and my roots, plus working along side my sister, is why I wanted to get back to coaching."

Megan likes to read, travel, spend time with her husband and fur child Vader, and experience new things.

Coach Megan will be helping with the select program during the 2024 club season. Pulse Volleyball Club is excited to have you on board!!

Ella Lucas

Ella started playing volleyball in 6th grade for a church league and found her love for the game. She finished her Trenton High School career with a 4 year varsity letter award. Ella went on to play a year at Concordia University in Ann Arbor. 

"What I love most about coaching is not only connecting with the girls and watching their bond grow as teammates but also seeing their skill grow on and off of the court each and every practice and game."

"I started coaching because I have always looked up to my coaches growing up. I was inspired by the influence they had on me and I wanted to have the same impact on young athletes. Helping the athletes gain skills, confidence and character that will help them succeed on and off of the court is something I love to be a part of."

When Ella is not coaching, she likes to spend time with her family and friends. Ella also likes to do things outdoors and read a good book.  Ella will be coaching in our 12u program this 2024 club season.

Elizabeth Clemence

I started playing volleyball at an early age and quickly fell in love with it. The way that each player has to come together as a team drew me in and quickly made volleyball become a passion. I played for one club team after another to where I played year-round without ever taking a break. Constantly pushing myself to become the best player I could be. I loved it that much! I played all through high school and into my college years at Central Michigan University. 

What I love most about coaching is watching the progression of skills of the girls over the season. Specifically, to see where a player starts and then see to how much they have grown. To watch a player struggle to get her serves over and then work and work on it, and by the end of the season gets ace after ace! That’s a great accomplishment and a huge confidence booster! It’s great to see that improvement in and off the court and makes me so happy!

Amy Gossard

I started playing volleyball in 5th grade at St Stans. I continued to play there until high school. I then played volleyball at Gabriel Richard for all four years. I did not play in college. However, I do still play in co-ed adult leagues and in women's leagues varying from indoor to outdoor/4’s and 6’s. I  was the head  JV coach for Gabriel Richard for the 2023 Season.

What I love about coaching is watching the girls improve on and off the court. I also love watching them make connections and new friends. It is very rewarding when the girls fall in love with the sport and want to be better. I wanted to coach because I want more people to stay active and love the sport that I love to play. I want to encourage the girls they can achieve anything they put their mind to.

When I am not coaching I usually play a lot of volleyball. I also like to spend time outdoors with my husband and my dogs.

Kenzy Scheller

Mackenzie has played volleyball from a young age into her adulthood through school, travel leagues, and recreational leagues. She always had a passion for the game which led her to coaching. "I wanted to start coaching to share my love for the game and positively influence young athletes. My favorite part of coaching is seeing athletes reach their goals they work so hard to achieve."

Kenzy is in her second year coaching with Pulse VBC after a break from coaching youth volleyball at her local gym. When Kenzy is not coaching, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and making art.  Kenzy will be  coaching the 13u program this 2024 club season.